• 1st term Final Exams time for SFS.
  • SFS Spelling Bee Competition
  • لقاء مع مدرسي المستقبل من كلية التربية
  • زيارة كلية التربية بجامعة بني سويف للمدرسة
  • زيارة رئيس قوة الحماية فى بنى سويف
  • SFS Fun Day for gallery click foto.
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لقاء مع مدرسي المستقبل من كلية التربية


لقاء وكيل وزارة التربية والتعليم أ/ شعبان عكاشة ونائب رئيس جامعة بني سويف أ.د/ طريف شوقي


ومدير مدرسة صلاح الدين فيوتشر أ/ حمزة أرسلان مع شباب ومدرسي المستقبل                    



SFS Parents Meeting

On 29rd of November SFS Language School organized a Parent-Teacher Conference. These kinds of conferences help parents become closer to their child’s teacher and be informed of his daily academic performance and behavior inside and outside the class. It is a crucial time to discuss and develop solutions for considerable improvement of the student. Our school welcomes its parents. After meeting, Fathers played football and Mothers made a tea party with teachers.

     SFS Educational Trips

Our School Organized educational trips for  to Chocolate and Shirt factory for some primary classes and to the Faculty of Pharmacy of Beni-Suef University for some Prep classes . The Students had a tour in the specialized departments and parts of the factory or Faculty. Most importantly, they learned while they are tripping. Such a visit can help our students look forward to a scientific future.

SFS Students’ Barbecue

SFS organized an After School Activity for Primary and Prep Students to have a nice time along with study. On this day, Students played football, volleyball and had barbecue with their class teachers.


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